How do sharks communicate?

How do sharks communicate?

Unlike many animals, sharks lack the ability to make any vocalizations. This is because they lack a sound-producing organ: the larynx. So, while they are able to make sounds, they cannot vocalize from the throat. So, how do sharks communicate with each other if they cannot make vocalizations? One such communication tactic is through the …

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Can Sharks See In The Dark?

Can sharks see in the dark?

Sharks are able to see in low light, murky, and dark water, although the specific degree of which depends on the species and the habitat they occupy. Sharks are known to predate at night when much of their prey rises to the surface, so it’ll seem kind of strange if they couldn’t see in the …

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When do sharks feed?

when do sharks feed 1

As a general rule of thumb, sharks have been observed actively foraging for prey at dawn and dusk, as well as into the night. However, with over 500 species of shark recorded throughout the world’s oceans, it can be hard to quantify individual feeding patterns. With recent advancements in technology and a collaborative effort from …

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